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A "loft" style 2-Story House, which had two color variants.

A "cottage" style 2-Story House, which has only one known color variant.

The Pixel Chix 2-Story House operates similarly to the original House, but now with some updates and a whole second floor to play in! This toy also introduced the flip screen to the series. Although there were two versions of the exterior, both of which are to the Cottage and Loft each, all 2-Story House toys were not labeled as such officially, only going by the 2-Story House name.


Similar appearances to the cottage and loft single story houses respectively, only with a second story and a flippable LCD screen. The new second story is divided into a bedroom and a bathroom. The bedroom includes a bed, part of a staircase rail, a shelf(?), and a vanity. The bathroom includes a toilet, a bathtub, and an object(?) above the toilet.


The buttons as they appear in the toy manual.


  • "Yes" - The checkmark icon. Press to make a selection.
  • "No" - The X icon. Press to cancel selection of an item or task.
  • "Bed Time" - The bed icon. Press when it is time your Pal to go to bed. Make sure she is in her nightgown or she may give you attitude. The more you play, the more choices you have.
  • "Vanity/Food" - The divided icon of a mirror and silverware. The Vanity function works when your Pal is upstairs. The Food function works downstairs. For both, you have more choices the more you play.
  • "Fashion" - The icon of a top hanging from a clothing hanger. Press to choose something to wear. The more you play, the more fashions become available.
  • "Fun" - The smiley face icon. Press and keep pressing to scroll through your options. When your choice is flashing, push the Yes button to select.
  • "Bathroom/Go Out" - The divided icon of a tolet and outdoors depicted by two trees, a pathway, and a house. Choose an activity for the bathroom. The more you play, you have more activities to choose for your friend. This button also sends your friend outside. Where your Pal goes will depend on what she is wearing.

Set the Clock

When the Pixel Chix toy is on for the first time, the clock will need to be set. In order to reset the clock again afterwards, press the No and Fun buttons at the same time. The time can be set by pressing the Go Out button to select the nearest hour, then pressing Yes to set. The sun and moon next to the clock indicate day time and night time respectively.

Fun Mode

In "Fun Mode", which is activated by starting an activity through the Fun button, a few of the buttons have a temporary change in function. The Yes, No, Bathroom/Go Out, and Fun buttons turn into controls during certain games, becoming Left, Down, Right, and Up respectively.

Decorate Mode

To decorate the upstairs room, press the Fun button until the Vase icon is selected on the screen. Press Yes then press Fun again until you see the decor you'd like to use. Press Yes again to confirm.

Interrupt Play Modes

Pressing Bed Time, Vanity/Food, or Fashion will interrupt all play modes.