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Management - WWE is headed by Vince McMahon, who's the chairman of the organization and the wife Linda McMahon, may be the Boss of the organization. Their kids also handle some departments of the organization.

Merchandises - Of all the WWE merchandises, WWE figures are the favourite ones.

A lot of royalty is offered towards the WWE like a license fee to fabricate these figures.

Today, you will find WWE figures that derive from all wrestlers that perform on the ground of WWE. Although not all are equally famous.

Here are the five most popular WWE figures -

1. WWE Shaun Sturdy Figures - The well-known WWE wrestler Shaun Sturdy was created on 31st August, 1977. Shaun is signed with WWE and wrestles underneath the SmackDown make of WWE. The beliefs in Shaun Sturdy were Shawn Michaels and also the Ultimate Warrior in the childhood.

Today, he isn't merely a effective wrestler, but their own WWE figures are offered in high number.

Shaun Sturdy was 16 when he became a member of the WWE like a jobber. His first fight was from the famous wrestler Razor Ramon. Though, he became a member of WWE like a jobber, however nowadays, you will find a lot of Shaun Sturdy figures offered in lots of versions that no-one can say he would be a jobber at any given time. These statues derive from his various fights he fought against within the ring.

2. WWE Rey Mysterio Figures - Everybody knows Rey Mysterio contributing to his unique jumping style. Rey is among the top WWE wrestlers and they are his WWE figures. Though he's a Mexican, but he's popular all around the America. Rey Mysterio was created on eleventh December, 1974. He wrestles underneath the WWE SmackDown brand. Rey may be the Intercontinental Champion. WWE Rey Mysterio figures are extremely well-liked by his fans plus they consider new versions very frequently. His figures derive from his amazing stunts.

3. WWE Kane Figures - The famous WWE wrestler Kane may be the half brother from the Undertaker. Together, both siblings fight within team 'Brothers of Destruction'. Kane is really a respected title within the WWE ring. The actual title of the wrestler is Glenn Thomas Jacobs. Kane was created on 26th April, 1967. The Kane figures are offered in a variety of versions. Toy companies cash the connection together with his brother. The Kane figures are not only seen famous in the usa, but additionally in other areas of the world.

4. WWE John Cena Figures - John Cena may be the title of the versatile person. John Cena is really a professional wrestler and that he has additionally another interests like stylish hop music and films. He carried out inside a rap album 'You Can't See Me'. This album did well within the music charts. John continues to be a part of two movies - The Marine and 12 Models.

The entire title of the handsome wrestler is John Felix Anthony Cena. Presently John Cena is signed with WWE underneath the Raw brand.

John Cena continues to be the five occasions World Champion. John Cena figures are offered worldwide as has an incredible number of fans around the world. Toy companies release new WWE John figures nearly every month. WWE John Cena figures are released after his every fight within the ring.