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2008-2009 Pixel Chix Happy Meal Toys

Around 2008-2009, Pixel Chix had a Happy Meal debut in McDonalds of Australia, France, Portugal, and New Zealand. It was promoted along side Digi Sportz toys.

This included a pink "Car Game", a purple "Babysitting Game", an orange "Shopping Game", and a blue "Petshop Game". The blue toy was only released in certain countries, making it slightly more rare than the others.

2009 New Zealand Happy Meal Promotional Image

2008 France McDonalds Happy Meal Blue Pixel Chix Toy "Petshop Game".

Instructions on how to play the game in one of the toys.

Happy meal toy with instructions sheet.

2009 McDonalds Happy Meal Pixel Chix Set with accompanying instruction sheets.