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Pixel Chix houses.

The house, also just called "Pixel Chix" itself, is the original version of Pixel Chix toys. Each house is single story, and comes in three styles: "Cottage", "Loft", and "Mansion". All three types function exactly the same, and were available in many different colors.


Houses all have a speaker on the top, a battery compartment on the bottom underneath, an internal connection port on the left side, an external connection port on the right side, a staircase just above the port which leads to a door, two solid windows on the back, and a window at the top near the roof which has a light in it. All houses also include the screen in which the game can be played, with a row of buttons just below. Behind the screen is a living room setup of a background window, shelves, a side-table on the very right, a sofa next to this, a dining chair, and a staircase on the very left. In front of the LCD screen is a table, which sits behind a plain clear plastic window. Having the table in front of the LCD screen helps the illusion that the Gal is interacting with her 3-D environment when she sits in the dining chair.


All Cottage colors.


The cottage features the wavy-haired Gal. The building itself is stylized like a common suburban house. It has two dormers on a gable roof with curved shingles, fencing that starts on the right side on both sides of the staircase, and continues around the back leading to a door with a house number of 1219 decorated neatly on the front. On both sides of the house is shrubbery with three flowers on each plant. Surrounding the top window above the game screen is two arch doors.

All cottage style 1-story house toys have a unique graphical feature, possibly an error, in which gray stripes constantly appear across the screen. This causes the display to be slightly darker compared to the other toys.

All Mansion colors.


The mansion features the light-haired Gal. The building is stylized with a regal exterior. It has a tall mansard roof with rectangular shingles, a decorative door frame on the right where a six panel door is, brandishing a house number of 4954. On both sides of the house there is an ionic column. Surrounding the top window above the game screen is a large-spaced decorative frame.

All Loft colors, including a rare purple variant that was only released in exclusive countries.


Loft with glitter.

The loft features the black-haired Gal. The building is stylized like a taller building akin to that of an apartment. It has a pool, umbrella, and diving board on flat roof with clay tiles, a downspout on the right side in front of the staircase, a door with a decorative square shape on the front and a house number of 1615 above it on a separate plaque. On both sides of the house is a potted plant, each plant donning four leaves. Surrounding the top window above the game screen are two smaller arched windows that are solid.

The purple variant of the loft is a special unique version of the house which has glitter on it.


The buttons as they appear in the toy manual.


  • "Yes" - The checkmark icon.
  • "No" - The X icon.
  • "Bed Time" - The bed icon. Press when it is time your Pal to go to bed.
  • "Fashion" - The clothing icon with a cutesy top displayed on a hanger. Help your Pal choose what to wear. Continue pressing until she is wearing the outfit you want to select. Press the Yes button to accept once the desired outfit is selected.
  • "Food" - The silverware icon with a fork and knife. Help your Pal choose what to eat. Continue pressing until she is holding the meal you want to her to eat. You may then press the Yes button to make your selection.
  • "Fun" - The smiley face icon. Help your Pal choose what to do. Continue pressing until she is pointing at the desired activity, and then press Yes to start.
  • "Go out" - The outdoors icon with two trees, a pathway, and a house. Continue pressing until she is pointing to the desired outside activity, then press Yes to start.

Set the Clock

When the Pixel Chix toy is on for the first time, the clock will need to be set. In order to reset the clock again afterwards, press the No and Fun buttons at the same time. The time can be set by pressing the Go Out button to select the nearest hour, then pressing Yes to set. The sun and moon next to the clock indicate day time and night time respectively.

Fun Mode

In "Fun Mode", which is activated by starting an activity through the Fun button, a few of the buttons have a temporary change in function. The Yes, No, Go Out, and Fun buttons turn into controls during certain games, becoming Left, Down, Up, and Right respectively. When a flashing arrow appears on the LCD screen, push the corresponding button to control play. Pressing any of the other buttons such as Bed Time, Food, or Fashion interrupts play mode.

Connect Houses

Connecting houses together.

To connect houses, remove the port cover. The toy manual advises the user against putting anything other than connectors in the port, such as fingers, as it may reset the game. Once two houses are connecting together through the ports, press the Fun button on a house. A Gal from the other house will come over and visit. Connecting three houses together will make the Gals wave to one another, talk on the phone, or dance.